Telecommunications Improvement Project


As we are looking forward to improve our citizen's Internet access, the Coaticook Regional County Municipality has applied last May for a grant from the federal and provincial governments. The project consists in connecting every underserved buildings with optical fiber (also called a FTTH network for Fiber To The Home). This type of network has been selected for it's long-term potential, as well as it's great technological capabilities. Optical fiber allows Internet speeds up to 1000 Mb/s, but also can carry television and phone services.

We are currently waiting for a response from both levels of government. We have worked hard to develop this high quality grant application. We thank the people of our RCM for having responded in such large numbers to our survey, which has allowed us to prove beyond any doubt that we need an investment in our telecommunications infrastructure to ensure the economic growth and attractiveness of our region.

To find out about grant programs and selected projects, consult these links:
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